Aliexpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping

Aliexpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping

The top alternatives to Aliexpress that you’re going to be using for your logistics going forward. I’m also going to be talking a little bit about why I don’t recommend aliexpress. The pros and cons and when to use aliexpress because aliexpress can still be a good option for some people. I’m not saying all people but for some people, it might be a good option but I’m going to be giving you my top two alternatives that you can start using from today. You don’t need a minimum order quantity, you can use them like aliexpress but you’re going to get yourself 5 to 15 day shipping times with these top alternatives


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of integration
  • Cheap buying costs

Aliexpress is the go-to place if you’re a beginner, super easy to use, lots of integrations like oberlo, there just so many things that integrate with Aliexpress because it is the biggest platform that dropship use, which means, lots of software companies and developers, developed for that company. It’s easy because it’s cheaper to buy so Aliexpress is a lot cheaper than a lot of the alternatives out there. A lot of the alternatives charge a little bit more, and sometimes can be a lot more than Aliexpress. If you’re looking for the cheapest prices on one product dropship, which means, ordering one product at a time, aliexpress is normally the cheapest and doing that.


  • Slow delivery times
  • Poor communication
  • Poor quality products
  • Prone to error 

f you can find a supplier on aliexpress that offers United States shipping or European shipping then that can make things a lot better if aliexpress does offer that alternative on the supplier. If you go on the supplier’s profile page, it will say ships from China, the United States, Europe, Russia, wherever. If it has those options then obviously it’s going to be quite a good option.

As we know people on aliexpress have poor English. They’re not very good. So a lot of things can go wrong because of that communication barrier. 

I’m not saying it’s all the time but the majority of the time the quality of the products is a lot worse, and the quality control of aliexpress isn’t as good as these alternatives that I’ll be giving you.


When To Use Aliexpress?

  • When starting out.
  • Looking for cheap 1 product dropshipping.
  • Your product isn’t available on other alternatives.

If you are not into complicated things and you want something very simple and you’re not a very online techy kind of person, aliexpress is probably the easiest option for you. If you’re looking for the cheapest one-product drop ship and then Aliexpress is by far the cheapest in that, not for every single product, but in terms of the whole general mass appeal products it is the cheapest.

A lot of products are not available on these alternative platforms. All the products are available on aliexpress but a lot of these alternatives do faster shipping times and they can sometimes miss out on a lot of products because it’s not as big as a network so that’s something else that to take into consideration.

Best App You Can Use For Aliexpress

  • Dsers – free bulk fulfillment

If you are using aliexpress use Dsers it’s a free app and you can bulk fulfillment with Dsers it’s like oberlo but it’s completely free, you got so much more customization instead of doing one product fulfillment. For example, you get 10 orders in one day you click one button and it’ll fulfill all 10 orders 

Oberlo does have this option but they’re asking people to pay for it so that’s the reason why I’m saying use the Dsers by far the best app that integrates with aliexpress at this current time.

2 Favorite Alternatives To Aliexpress

  1. CJ drop shipping
  2. Udroppy

You might have heard of them before. If you haven’t, these are the two companies. A lot of people might have heard of CJ drop shipping for fulfillment centers and source agents, they do offer one product drop-shipping too which is absolutely amazing, and again, Udroppy is a new company that’s coming around and started to get hyped up which is really really good

Why Use CJdropshipping And Udroppy?

  • Multiple shipping location
  • Fast shipping
  • Simple user face
  • Dashboard tools
  • English speaking
  • Reliable
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom invoices
  • In house sourcing agents
  • In house fulfillment centries

You can ship all around the world from different locations. Super fast shipping in 5 to 15 days depending on which option you go for.

When you use these companies the dashboard that you use is simple to use it’s not complicated it’s super easy to get used to. And dashboard tools, they give you so many dashboard tools, it’s unreal so what you get included for free is insane.

The company live chat or if you need to contact them they speak English or the language barrier it’s not going to be an issue.

They’re reliable, especially CJ dropship they’ve been in the game for a while now a lot of people are using them and they are being super reliable as the time we are standing in.

You can do custom packaging, custom invoices, in-house sourcing agents, and in-house fulfillment centers. What these two things both mean is if you want to transition from one product drop-shipping into sourcing agents, you don’t need to go out there looking for loads of different source agents in different companies, you can locate them inside of either Udropp or CJ dropship which means you’re staying with the company that you’re used to.

Same with fulfillment centers you can go in-house in the same company and go for fulfillment centers and I can show you this in the dashboard. It shows you all in the dashboard how to transition into these different things which means you don’t need to spend ages looking into different companies, can you trust these companies? Have you done business with these companies before? You’re staying with the companies you’ve used and you’ve got trust with, and you’ve obviously got a relationship with which is absolutely amazing

What I’m going to do now for you is I’m going to jump into CJ dropshipping and Udroppy, and show you how these platforms work and what the dashboard looks like. 

You can see I’m in the CJdropshipping dashboard and this is what it’s gonna look like when you sign up for a free account. Once you go to, you go to services, you go to dropship, and you go to create a free account and this is what it’s gonna bring you to once you’ve done that

This is what the dashboard looks like, it tells you your sales level, your revenue level which is really fun and cool because at the end of the day it gives you a motivational ladder or level system that gets people to want to carry on. So, I do appreciate what they’ve done there

It tells you the source result so you can source products on there. If they haven’t got a product on their marketplace you can source it and they’ll tell you what results you got from sourcing. 

Your pending payments, your bulk processing, like I said, they’ve got in-house bulk and fulfillment centers so if you make a bulk order they’ll tell you what’s going on there. 

Your sales amount and your wallet basically how much money you got in there

This is how you activate your store once you’ve got an account you basically send a connection over, and you can download their app on Shopify. 

It also gives you products that you might want to start at this current time. The top products that they’re recommending at the moment

How you actually go to their product lists is if you go to where it says marketplace. It takes a few seconds to get the latest products they’ve got, and it’ll basically bring you to a page like this

It says video available which is something that I’d do appreciate so before you even click on one of these products there’s a video available that you can use or not. 

This interface is very much like a drop shipping Center on Aliexpress, you go to the bottom, you’ve got lots of different pages you can go through and you can basically change the page to whatever number you want.

What happens when you click on one of these products this is what it’s going to take you to

You can see here I’m on the product detail page once you’ve clicked on one of them, it tells you the images, it tells you the specifications or variants of the product, it tells you the product price, it also tells you, you can ship from China or the US, so let’s say the US. You can get 2 to 5 days of shipping for $15. Yes, that is extremely expensive but that kind of price for US shipping or UPS ship and all express shipping isn’t always that expensive it depends on what you’re ordering, the weight of the product, and the size of the product so don’t worry, express shipping isn’t always going to be this expensive.

But something that you do want to do on your website is you want to offer customers free shipping, and then priority shipping which is the paid option which means they can get their product faster. This is something that I always do I offer them free and paid shipping. All these big companies in the world do it so why don’t we do it, at the end of the day, it gives the consumer option if they want to get it fast, or they want to get it slow. Don’t you judge them?

The next thing you can do is you can choose how many you want to order? What the total dropshipping price is in terms of what you should basically sell this product for. That should give you product pricing recommendations. They also tell you the inventory and they also tell you the processing times on the product.

This is something nobody else offers on their platform you can ask these guys to do a video for you of that product. 

If you are scaling this product and you think, you know what? I now need custom and creative footage, you don’t need to go to Fiverr or Upwork to get somebody to do it you can get this company to do it for you which is absolutely amazing. This is why I love CJ dropshipping that feature on its own is amazing. It gives you all the information you’re going to need which is really important and that’s basically how the marketplace works.

What I’m also going to do is I’m also going to show you what sourcing looks like. How to do it? 

How to source a product? As you go to sourcing, you click the start button. You go to aliexpress, you go to the product that you want to source and you copy the URL and you paste it in once you click the start button and that’s how it works. And then between 1 to 3 days, they’ll tell you if they can do it or not.

That’s how CJ dropshipping works. And you’ve got the live chat there in the bottom left, and that’s literally how it works in a very simple way of just showing you.

I am on Udroppy, and again, the interface is super simple

Once you’ve made an account, it will say connect my first store. It’s right there in front of you as soon as you sign up. Then you can go to store management, you can go to the product catalog 

I prefer the Udroppy product catalog to CJ dropshipping because there’s a lot more refinement and filters you can put in. 

There’s a lot of different pages and lots of different products so let’s say we click on one of these products. It will bring the product up, it will give you the shipping price

It gives you the shipping price for every single country right at your doorstep. You don’t need to go through lots of different pages to get that. You can see the standard shipping is going to take 9 to 15 days

In the top 5 countries, the shipping prices are cheap, you’re going to want to include the shipping price into your product price when using Udroppy. Make sure you do that because Udroppy is a little bit different from CJ drop shipping so make sure that whatever the shipping price is? you include that into your product price. You normally do that with epacket, it’s a little bit more expensive with Udroppy, but those extra dollars are going to be worth it because you can get your customers and products to them a lot faster by doing this.

The best way you’re going to experience these is just to create a free account even if you don’t use them and just explore this yourself. Honestly, you won’t know what it’s like till you explore it yourself

That’s how Udroppy works. 

Which One You Should Pick?

This is based on my personal opinion and experience. I prefer CJ dropshipping. These are the reasons why I prefer CJ dropship

  • They have rewards
  • They have more features
  • Cheaper shipping
  • Faster shipping
  • Been in the game longer

They’ve been in the game longer, which means they’ve had more time to experience the whole way dropshipping works and fulfillment centers and getting networks or suppliers. They’re more established, they’re a bigger company so that’s the reason why. In terms of the longevity and standard Time, they stood the time a lot longer than Udroppy which means they’ve been proven and tested if that makes sense.


Pick whichever one you feel is more comfortable for you and your business. Don’t go off what I’m telling you, go and try them both out. You can create free accounts and see which one you prefer. This is based on my opinion .

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