Best Tools To Find Winning Product For Dropshipping

Best Tools To Find Winning Product For Dropshipping

I use a tool called dropoint it’s by far the best tool at the moment in the industry, there are a lot of alternatives out there which I’ll be mentioning all of them today and telling you the reasons why I don’t recommend using them and while you’re highly recommend using dropoint

This is a free tool but it has got a paid option which I’ll be saying to you to use because it is the best way to find winners. The free version is to mow it down but do bear in mind, if you’re looking for a free way to find winners this is an option but it’s not the best option. Do you bear in mind this isn’t an expensive option it’s like $5 a month for this tool it’s super cheap and it’s amazing

Let me show you the reason why this tool is amazing 

All The Current Winning Product Tools

I said at the start of the article, I’m going to be explaining the current winning product tool today on the market. I’ve not listed all of them because there are hundreds of them. I only list the top ones that the majority use and I’ve heard of.

Alishark ( Expensive – Outdated features)

This has been promoted by a lot of big people in the industry. Alishark is expensive and in my opinion, it’s very outdated. Not in terms of the products they put on the website are outdated, it just in terms of the features they offer and how they offer. Alishark is the same as e-sniper but e-sniper comes with so many more features. E-sniper and Alishark are the same prices but e-sniper comes with viral sniper, insta sniper, top stores, it comes with five or four more features that an Alishark doesn’t come with. So that’s why I’d say Alishark is irrelevant because you might get e-sniper for the same price and get those extra four or five features on top of that.

Of course, with all of these things I’m mentioning today it’s based on the day this is released, some of these companies like ecom hunt, Alishark could come out with new features that then put them back on top at the moment, but as it stands today, this is what I think you should follow.

Ecom Hunt (Limited features – expensive)

Is the biggest one out there, most people have heard of ecom hunt, a lot of people use ecom hunt. Ecom hunt is good they do post winners on their site. There’s a free version where you can go on there and look at the winners, but if you’ve got the paid plan you get to see those winners three days or four days before everybody else. It gives you that edge because you get more days to work on it before everybody else.

The paid version, four days to then see it for free I think to be honest with you, paying that money and then ecom hunt giving it to people for free after four days I think is quite bad. I think they should make it like a week or two weeks. But at the end of the day, I just don’t see the reason to pay for it. 

Sales Source (Expensive – complicated)

This one is very expensive and very complicated. I would say if you’re making a good amount of money and you’re an advanced drop-shipper and you’re getting consistent cash flow and profit, the sales source is great. But if you’re a beginner which is the majority of people, you’re kind of testing things out, it’s not a good idea it’s just too expensive.

E-sniper (Expensive – Buggy)

I still got my subscription with them. E-sniper isn’t cheap and it is a bit buggy. I’ve always spoken to the developer about it in terms of some of the bugs they have on their site like when you click links it takes you to a 404 redirect. There are a few bugs on the dashboard that isn’t very good for user experience and can get people left with confusion. It can be quite confusing to use because of those bugs.

But in general, they do post winners but it is expensive it is $29.99 and dropoints are only $5 a month so there’s a massive $24.99 difference a month in it and I think for that extra saving of $24.99 dropoint is by far just a lot better. And e-sniper doesn’t come with a free plan either.

Dropoint ( Free & paid – Super cheap – updated every 48 hours – simple to use -no bugs.

With a lot of all these other alternatives, they are not updated as much as dropoint. There are no bugs on their dashboard like I’ve used it for a while now and there are no real bugs when you’re clicking links and it doesn’t work. Everything at the moment for me using it for these last few months has worked really. It is a free option which is good but it doesn’t compare to the paid version. And in terms of the new bugs and stuff, it’s just so much better so that’s the reason why I’m thinking $5 is just worth it. I’m going to show you dropoint in a second.


  • Takes a lot of time to find anything good: A lot of people want to use free methods because they don’t want to spend money, and they want to be stingy about it. It takes a lot of time to find anything that’s actually good. To find anything good for free can actually take a lot of time. And as we’re in 2022, it’s getting harder and harder to find winners.
  • Limited product information: The reason why I don’t really like free methods anymore is that it’s very limited information based on that product. A lot of these winning product tools give you a lot of information on the product. They give you interest targeting, price recommendations, sales, wish list, who are the top drop shipper selling it, the top countries that it’s being sold in. There’s a lot of information that you’re going to want to know before selling the product so you can’t do that with free methods.

Key Winning Features Of Dropoint

I’m going to jump straight into dropoint, and show you exactly how it works and why it’s awesome

I’m just logged into dropoint. This is what it’s going to look like as soon as you’ve made an account. I’m going to be doing it in order. On the left-hand side, it’s called winning Ali products.

As you can see straight away it just shows me products on Aliexpress based on the order amount so you can see this one there has got 1905 orders, it’s a kids playset toy and you can just go through and as soon as you click the View button it’ll take you straight to the Aliexpress product page where you can import it from aliexpress into your store.

This is a great feature and it’s not the golden part of the tool. And you can also see at the top it says, the next winning product drop will be in 11 hours 15 minutes, and 41 seconds. No other tool gives you a count down telling you when the next list is going to come out so that’s why I love this tool. 

As I said, this isn’t what makes this tool amazing. It’s this part here called live advertisement filter. This basically shows you advertisements at this current time period that’s why they call it advertisement filter 

These are the ads that are currently live at the moment. You can see this is a winning product. You can see it’s got 790 likes, 30 comments, 122 shares, and 18k views. For that to get that amount of metrics it must be doing well. Nobody pays that kind of money to get this product seen by 18,000 people if it’s not making money. It has 122 shares shows it’s a good product so that’s how the live advertisement filter works

As soon as you click the shop now button, it will take you to the website of this page. You can see it’s taking me to their website and you can see straight away this is the website here 

That’s how that works, and them taking you to their website is a good thing because it gives you ideas for when you put this on your website. I’m not saying copy the descriptions I don’t recommend that but it gives you some form of framework to work with. 

You can see on the right-hand side this is where all the filters work. 

Keywords, if you’re looking for something in, let’s say the beauty niche, you will type in beauties and that’s the keyword

Like I said before, you can enter a page name, and then it’ll show you all the ads that page is running and then you can use the filters underneath to find the winners.

Click the most view ads and then click filter, and you can see it’s changed it to the most view ads

You can see this one here which is the posture corrector, has got 67k comments 86k likes, and 106 million views. And if we scroll down there’s this beauty mirror.

You can see it’s got 53 million views. It was posted one month ago and then in one month, they’ve done 53 million views. This is definitely a winning product because you wouldn’t have those numbers, you wouldn’t spend that amount of money on Facebook advertising if it wasn’t making money you’d be stupid. 

This is the golden part of this tool and this is why I love this tool. You got something on the left-hand side there called winning advertisement

What this does is it actually shows you advertisements at the moment that are currently winning. What does winning advertisement mean it means an advertisement that’s currently making a lot of money.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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