Dropship Product That Will Lose You Money

Dropship Product That Will Lose You Money

Staying away from these types of products is crucial if you want to save time and money as a drop shipper. I’m going to show you exactly what to stay away from, and why you shouldn’t test these types of products it’s going to save you a lot of money, and a lot of time testing these things. You might agree that if you’ve already tested something like this you’re going to say, yep, yep, I should never have tested that. 

Anyways, I’m going to jump into those products

Product 1

This is 100% the first type of product that you should stay away from. The number one reason that I would stay away from this product is the “reviews”. Yeah, it has 175 orders, but in the reviews, there are only 15 votes and on average it has a 4.2 star so that’s not very promising. 

You always want to stay away from products that don’t have many reviews or have less than 4.8 stars, because if someone comes back to Aliexpress after waiting like three or four weeks for their product to leave a review like this, whether it be positive or negative, that holds impact. If on average a product has 4.8 stars that say a lot about the product that means it’s good, it’s quality. But if it’s got a low amount of votes, and a low amount of stars that just shows the quality of the product. I personally wouldn’t test a product with less than 50 or 100 votes. I mean, most products that I test have a couple of thousand votes at like 4.8 stars, 4.9 stars which are very promising.

That’s the reason you should not test a product like this is because of the votes. Anytime you see low stars under 4.8 stars or less than like 50 or 100 votes, do not test the product.

Product 2

I just wanted to mention that since the previous product we were talking about has low stars, this one has 1,412 votes and 5 stars.

That is amazing. That tells a lot about the quality of the product. But the reason you don’t want to test this type of product is that look at it, it’s just a plain beanie. This is something that you could probably get anywhere, any girl or any guy that wanted a beanie like this could literally go to any store they want and buy a product like this and so that’s why I wouldn’t test a product like this because it doesn’t have a WOW factor 

You want to test something that’s very unique because, in drop shipping, you want to focus on impulse buy, and it’s not easy to impulse buy something that you can get anywhere.

Now if we look at this product, for example, this is actually a good version of a beanie that you should test because it’s very unique, it’s got a little like cat nose on the front of it and it’s got a little fuzzy cat ear.

I wouldn’t wear it, but it definitely speaks to a certain passionate audience, people who like cats but you can’t just go anywhere and get something like this because it has a lot more uniqueness, it’s got a lot more wow factor to it.

Not to say that beanies are bad, I just mean anything blend, anything boring, anything that doesn’t have a WOW factor is something you want to stay away from. And on a side note, this has 1,200 votes, 4.8 stars, with over 3000 orders, and it’s got like $2 or $3. This is like a prime product you definitely would suggest going out there and testing this you can actually just use a picture ad for this.

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Product 3

This product right here is the third type of product you definitely want to stay away from. The reason you should never test a product like this is that it’s trademarked, it’s copyrighted, it’s trademarked all by Star Wars 

Something like this you can’t jump into the market and like get quick cash flow with it but it’s going to be very short term and you have a high potential risk of getting an email for like a season assist from Star Wars. Anything that’s into video games or movies you want to stay away from. Like Disney characters, Disney movies, fortnight, if you sell fortnight merchandise you can get in huge trouble for that. I know a lot of people did that on Instagram but you definitely want to stay away from those types of things because, yes, as I said, you’ll make short-term cash flow but it won’t be long lasting and you’ll probably have some people coming at your door one day.

Product 4

When you probably saw this at first, and you’re like, what the heck is this thing? What is this?

That could be a reason that you wouldn’t want to sell it, is that its kind of confusing. You don’t know what it is as soon as you see it. But the main reason you don’t want to sell this is that the pictures like these are very low quality and you want high-quality pictures on your site or high-quality pictures to advertise with and there are definitely no high-quality pictures

Typically, if you scroll down to the description you can find a more high-quality photo but as you can see there these are not high quality at all and the product just looks cheap, and it just does not look like something you ever want to sell. For those of you that don’t know, this is a diffuser.

Here’s a diffuser that I found that has great images. If you look at these, these are great images

You could use a picture ad and market this just with a picture ad. This is what I mean when a product will sell itself. A good product will sell itself. It has 13,000 orders in almost 4,000 votes at 4.8 stars. This is beautiful. I mean, you could sell this for like $40 or $50 and make a huge profit.


That right there are the four types of products that you should definitely stay away from. And I just wanted to mention these things, of course, there are a lot more products that you should stay away from. I don’t want you to overlook these because it’s super crucial that you stay away from these types of products.

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