How To Build One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify

How To Build One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify

In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you step-by-step how to build a branded one-product store. I’m going to be showing you how you can design a store that looks absolutely beautiful and looks like a branded one-product store. How to build a store from scratch, how to download the theme, how to edit the homepage, how to edit the product page, how to edit the menu page, the footer page, how to create a logo absolutely everything in terms of how to dominate with a one-product store and all the new features you need to add into this store.

I recently talked about One Product Dropshipping Store (Case Study) For Beginners, but I didn’t show you how to build one product store from scratch.

Let’s get straight into how to build this store

Connect Debutify To Shopify

Visit this website Hit the yellow bottom and enter your store name, hit download now. It will log you into your store on Shopify. It might ask you for your password just enter those details. it’ll take you to this page

Hit the install app button, and that’ll take a few seconds to connect and this is where it’s going to take you after those few little steps

Then what you’re going to do is to hit the theme section. 

Before I carry on, the reason why it’s asking you to select a plan or all of these different add-ons is that Debutify does offer the higher tier plans like Apps, animations, just loads of different things to make you look like a complete brand. And it’s completely amazing what these guys are doing because they’re given a plan away for free which I’ll be doing in this tutorial today.

But if you have the money, do invest in one of their pay plans because it is completely worth it. 

Hit the themes button and then hit the download debufity 2.0.2, and that’ll download the theme into your online store so you then can customize it. 

You can see it says theme uploaded, so that means we can get straight into the online store and start customizing.

Customize Your Store

I’m going to show you exactly how to customize it perfectly for a one-product store.

Hit the online store button and then it’ll take it to this page and you can see a copy of debutify 2.0.2, hit the customize button 

Hit the customize it’s going to take you to the editor. So you can start editing the website. Before we even start editing this website, we need to get rid of the things we don’t need because we are doing a one-product store, so if we are doing a one-product store you want to get rid of the featured product section, and you want to get rid of the collection list. 

The reason why you want to do that is that those two features are for niche stores and general stores. Now you should be left with just the home page and you can see straight away it looks absolutely beautiful.

Now we need to create our logo because that’s the first thing we’re going to do. If your logo is color, then certain colors on your website need to be that color so make sure you get the color of your logo a copy because you’re going to need that when you build the store.

Go to where it says header, select an image, and select your logo. 

Welcome Section

The Welcome section is the first part the customer and the visitor are going to see. So you need to make sure that this looks very professional and very clean. Upload an image to this because it needs to look crisp. Click the content and then hit the welcome, it says image, this is the image that’s going to appear on the homepage 

In terms of where to get your images from you don’t need to use Aliexpress photos of the product, you can just use a photo about the product if that makes sense. 

Let me just go into a website called Unsplash and show you what I’m talking about. I’m doing a hair wig product so I might want to upload this photo here because it shows a salon and it’s a very high-quality photo

The reason why I use Unsplash is that they’re non-copyright, and they’re very high resolution and this looks really professional instead of me just putting a product image of Aliexpress which doesn’t look good sometimes.

You want to compress the image so you can go to a website called It compresses your images to make smaller files so it doesn’t make the website slow. Websites slow is down to high-resolution photos not being compressed. So make sure that you compress all your photos using tinypng.

After you’ve compressed the photo you can go back to Shopify and upload it. Hit upload image, click the upload button and look for this photo somewhere in your computer so you want to click open, You can see it’s been uploaded and it looks great 

I’m going to change this to mobile view. The reason why I’m changing it to mobile view is that I prefer the mobile version to the desktop version. The majority of your traffic is going to come from the mobile, not the desktop. So if I was you, I’d prioritize mobile over desktop so that’s why I’ve just changed it into mobile view because I care more about what it looks like on the mobile than I do on the desktop

You can change the writing on there from the heading and the test.

Hit the Shopify button and click leave. But before you click leave make sure you always save because if you leave without saving then you have to do everything all over again so make sure that you do hit the Save button.

Install Oberlo App

Go to where it says apps and download an app called Oberlo. Search for Oberlo, and add app and then this way we can import the product to the website, and then that way, we can link the “shop now” button to that product

Hit install app, it’s completely free and it’s the one that I recommend for beginners. 

Go to where it says import list, go to search products, go import product by URL or Id 

Go to the website URL on Aliexpress and copied that in. You can see I’m on Aliexpress, you want to copy the link and then go back to Oberlo and paste it in there, and click import.

Go back to the import list and it should be there, and then hit import to store.  

As soon as that’s done, then you can start editing it and you can start putting it into the website.

Add Product To Your Store

Go back into Shopify and start linking those buttons to the product page. Go back to that section and connect that button to the product that we just installed. Scroll down and change where it says button link to the product.

Click the X, go to where it says products and select the one we just import which is that one right there.

Then the bottom will show up again.

Before we carry on, there are a few other things we need to do, going back to where it says theme settings, changing the colors and you want to change the colors to that color we used in our logo.

Advanced Settings Section

Change the free shipping bar which is the bar on the top. I always change mine to free shipping and 50% off, and then I put ending soo.

The reason why I put ending soon is that if you put ending today or ending tomorrow and people come back and it has in, you’re going to stab yourself in the back and lose a lot of trust with customers. So make sure that you don’t lie about these things and instead of lying just put anything soon.

Featured Content Section

Where the heading is. Put something that’s catchy. Like our mission or about something. Something where it’s going to build trust with you and the consumer.

I always like to put our mission there and talk about what we’re trying to do with the product because that way, you’re building trust and you’re not trying too hard selling. Big brands don’t hard sell, they build trust. That’s the difference between branded stores and non-branded stores. Non-branded stores try and sell it to you, branded stores try and educate you and build a connection and a friendship and a relationship with you.

Where it says the next section. Put something that elaborates on what the mission is about.

Newsletter Section

When doing the subscribe to our newsletter section, don’t just leave this blank, make sure you change it and I’m going to show you what I would do personally. The header needs to be something catchy

For example, what I would personally do is I would put “Want 10% coupon”? And then put questions, in the subheading section, you can put “signup to our newsletter to receive this coupon in your mail list 

You can put something like that, it doesn’t have to be exact same thing.

You’re giving people a reason to enter the email and get something from it. If you don’t put anything, nobody’s going to sign up. This way, you’re going to build your email list which is really important because email marketing is worth 10x your results.

Guarantee Section

Change those icons, and then build a report with the consumer.

You can see I have changed mine

The reason why I’ve done those is that if you use an icon, you want to make sure that the wording you use them for, that icon is congruent and it correlates. Because if it doesn’t, then people are going to think that it doesn’t make sense, and you don’t want anybody to have any red flags in the head because as soon as the red flags start going in there, that’s game over. So make sure that they are congruent. You don’t have to use the ones that I’ve used.

Product Description Section

Let’s now enter the product description section and get some other things to change that are very important. 

We’re back in the Shopify dashboard, go to where it says, products, and then you can start editing.

Call this something catchy and something that’s going to get people’s attention, don’t do too much clickbait because that will damage the report you’ve built with them. But do something that’s going to grab their attention in an ethical manner.

I uploaded a photo explaining a little bit about what the product does, and I’ve got all these images off Aliexpress. Let me show you how I did that.

Go to Aliexpress and you can download a Chrome extension it’s called Aliexpress image downloader, and what will happen is you’ll get this icon once you’ve got the Chrome extension

It will download all the images into a zip file and it’ll put it into a folder and that way, you’ve got all of them there ready to import into the website.

Another place I get my images from that’s amazing is Amazon. Just hover the image and click save as, and as soon as you click save as, it’s going to download everything off this webpage

It’ll also download lots of other things that you don’t need, but it will download all of the images on this page and you’ll find them in a zip folder, unzip it and you’ll get lots of photos. Go through the folder, delete what you don’t need, and keep all the images.

Where I got all this information from is either Aliexpress supplies or Amazon sellers

I find Amazon sellers to be a lot better, so I use Amazon sellers’ descriptions for the features. 

Footer Section

Just hit the footer section and then you edit.

The reviews are probably one of the most important things that we needed to do.

Copy and paste one of the reviews of Aliexpress or Amazon that’s selling the same product, and then you’re going to change the author’s names. The first name of the customer you can make that up and then initial of their last name

I go to Unsplash, the website that I mentioned before, and I get headshots from there. Just go in there and type in headshot and then it’ll pull up lots of different headshots and then you want to find one that matches what you’re trying to achieve

Try and pick a headshot that’s relevant to what you’re trying to do. 

I found the best ones and you can see that testimonial was being shown there and this image is great for what I’m doing because it shows a woman trying to look glam with their hair and that’s the look you want to go for with this product.

Where it says the text, you’re going to copy and paste the review from Aliexpress or Amazon there.

For the author’s name, you’re just going to make that up. I call it Laura, and then “F”. Because you don’t want to put people’s full names obviously for privacy reasons.

You can see that’s how one of the testimonials looks and it looks really good and professional.

Payment Providers

Go to setting and edit all of those. As you can see below.

Make sure to set those up it’s really easy. 

That’s it for today’s tutorial. Hope you learn something new today.

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