How To Generate Free Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store

How To Generate Free Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store

I will be telling you how I generated $10,000 in free organic marketing when I first started my e-commerce journey. I will show you a few different free organic marketing strategies you can use to generate a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars so you can reinvest that money into paid traffic whether it’s Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram ads.

People who run Facebook ads or Google ads don’t understand certain elements. And with organic traffic, if you want to make a lot of money with it you have to understand some of the processes and some of the founder mentors like hustling, understanding your customers. There are so many things that go into it for it to work effectively, and I’m going to show you something today. But I want you to understand that if you got no money, then this is an amazing method to start making money so you can reinvest it. But even if you have money and you’re running ads, at the end of the day when you’re running ads you just need to monetize them, it doesn’t take a long time, it takes a few hours a day depending on where you are in your ads journey.

But if you’re serious about your business and you want to make money, you want to grow it, you want to make brand awareness and make sales, organic marketing can work for you as well. 

We’re going to dive straight into the free organic marketing traffic strategies. You can use it to drive lots of sales to your dropshipping store for free so you can reinvest money back into Facebook ads or Google ads or whatever ads platform you’re going to need. 

Instagram – Posting Content – Dm groups – Dm potential customers

The profile and the page that we’ve got here is a guy that owns a business called dfusingg. As you can see he got 3,735 followers, 1,907 followers.

He doesn’t do any of the chatbots or followbots that don’t work. You don’t want to be doing any of that it doesn’t work, you don’t build a brand, you don’t build an engaging follow that’s going to help you moving forward. All you’re doing is embarrassing yourself. He grew his account this good by doing these methods that I will be telling now.

The first thing is to optimize your keyword, where it says “mechanical gaming keyboards”

That’s searchable terms and how you can get found. Most people would normally keep this as their brand name. You don’t want to do that. If you haven’t already changed that to what niche or industry or sector you’re in, for example, if we type in “gaming keyboards”, you can see how it comes up at the top of that Instagram search 

That’s really powerful because you don’t know how many people search for that keyword in a month, I can’t find out, but what I’m going to say is Instagram is becoming huge and a lot of people are searching for things, so definitely recommend you do change that to a keyword in industry. It does make a massive difference I’ve seen conversion rates, I’ve seen increased page visits by Instagram by doing this.

The next thing you’re going to do is to post amazing content with hashtags. You want to make sure that the content you’re posting is good quality stuff it’s not bad pictures and pictures that you’ve robbed from other people. The pictures that he got in this account not all of them are his, he asked others if he can use them, make sure you get permission from other accounts if you haven’t got permission make sure you source the credit from where you got the photo it stopped you from getting into trouble and getting your account closed. 

You don’t have to create content yourself to make amazing content. For example, if you’re in the home decor niche, you can go on home decor pages and ask if you can use their photos, if not, you can source the credit. 

Another good way is you’re going to post amazing videos. Videos have a better engagement rate and a better reach rate than images. 

You want to post amazing content and add 25 hashtags but don’t just add any 25 hashtags, you want to add 25 hashtags and per each hashtag, you want to make sure that it’s got between 10,000 and 1 million posts or hashtag follow.

Let me show you what I mean by that

If we hashtag “gaming”, you can see it’s got 25 million posts. If we go to the top posts, the top posts are basically people that trend for a hashtag or are trending for that pacific post on the hashtag 

If you want to become a trending post which is the objective. you want to be the trend in a post. That is the key to this because you’re going to get the most awareness, you get the most visits, you’re going to get the most engagement because you’re at the top of that hashtag that people must be searching a lot for. 

To become a trending hashtag, if you’re going to try and compete against a hashtag with 25 million posts, the likelihood of you ranking for it and getting trendy for it is unlikely because it’s going to be other pages with better content and bigger pages. People that follow them are going to give them better likes and comments that are going to help boost the algorithm. So you’re better off competing against hashtags with at least 10,000 to 1 million posts, or 10,000 to 1 million following that hashtag. You can’t go up to 5 million I don’t recommend going over 5 million. 

Every image he posts, he alternates the hashtags. He creates 5 different lots of 25 hashtags and he alternates every post because if you post the same hashtags to every post, the algorithm will actually jam and stop you from getting reached which I don’t recommend. And you want to post at least once a day. I recommend once to twice a day. No more than three times a day if you can post consistently, once a day every week then I highly recommend you do.

You also want to make sure that you are consistent with it because if you’re not consistent then the work you’ve done will just be rubbish. What I mean by that is for Instagram to start taking effect you need to be doing it consistently for at least two to three weeks for it to start to see momentum build up.

I understand that a lot of people are busy so they’re going to struggle to post every day, you can use apps or software like buffer where you can create schedule posts and they’ll be posted automatically. 

Join DM Groups

DM groups are when you’re in a group with other people. This is where you’re joining a group where there are all the people in your niche for example the gaming niche, and there are bigger accounts in there than just you. For example, there might be accounts with 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 followers and they’re in the same niche as you and they’ve legit made their following, they’ve not bought followers it’s very important that you get into DM groups where they’re legit accounts. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to comment on each other’s posts, you’re going to like each other’s post, and what that does is it tells Instagram that this big page like your post in the same niche as you so it means this is very important to your niche, Instagram will boost your post of what we call “power likes and power comments”.

Follow Accounts In The Same Niche As You

You want to follow the same people in your niche because that tells the Instagram algorithm where you are. When going to somebody else’s page and it says suggested pages, it will actually add you as a suggested page if you follow the same pages in your niche, you will come up as a suggested page. It doesn’t work all the time but it does increase the chance of you becoming a suggested page and that can really increase the power of being a found in Instagram and getting more followers and more people clicking on your link.

Follower account in the same niche as you and you will come up as a suggested account which is really important.

Dm Potential Customers

DM people in your niche that buy products. Search for people in your niche go to their account and message the user by clicking the DM button. You’ll just say, hello, I love your page, it looks great, it looks like you’re really committed to the PC gaming community, this is our Instagram page, check it out and I’m sure our page can give you value.

Don’t post your links. I wouldn’t recommend posting links in the DM. you want to just say, look, here’s our Instagram page, I think you’d benefit from our Instagram page, I think you’d benefit from the stuff we post and your friends.

If you invite them to your page they might refer lots of other mates because it’s in the gaming niche and people in the gaming niche are quite close together. 

That’s the other thing that I recommend. Finding people in the same niche as you and just messaging them and asking them to see if they can take value from your page.


How this works is let’s say you’re going to steal or you’re going to copy somebody’s Facebook ads because it’s doing really well and you want to hijack their product and sell it on your store. For example, “magnetic phone case”, this was a winning product age ago, it did really well. Let’s say for example you take that product and you sell the same product. What you want to do is to make a youtube video about that product whether it’s an unboxing video, whether it’s a review video, it doesn’t matter what it is, I recommend unboxing videos and review videos, and what you’re going to do is order the product, get it sent to your house, and you just review the model.

This isn’t for everyone because some people have camera-shy, they can’t talk to the camera but I do recommend it for those that are willing to do it and you got to remember that businesses are about making sacrifices. If you make a good video about it, you’re not going to say you’re the owner or you’re the one who sells it, you can say, look, if you’re interested in buying this product, the link will be in the description below. You can buy it there.

YouTube Micro-Influencers

The second thing is to approach YouTube micro-influencers.

A micro-influencers are people with 5,000 subscribers, 10,000 subscribers, 20,000 subscribers, anything under 100,000, and you’re going to send them an email and say, look, I love your YouTube channel, I love the content you’re giving your community, this is our website, this is the products that we sell, which product you do think would work best on your channel. Are you open to a commission-based where you promote the product on your channel? I’ll give you a commission depending on how much the product sells.

That’s literally all you’ve to do.

What you have to do is to send an email, not just one account, not just two accounts, is about messaging like 50 accounts, and out of 50, you’ll probably get three or four that might say, yes. When I normally do it out of every 10 messages I normally get one or two so it’s definitely worth it. 

Facebook Groups

The next method you can use to drive free traffic and organic sales to your store is Facebook groups, and this method is good and quick. Go into your business page that you’re using to sell the products, you’re going to create a post before you can do this, you have to join lots of groups within your niche. For example, I’m doing toothpaste so I might join groups that got to do with teeth, dental care, teeth whitening. When I do this, I normally join like 50 groups

Then click share in the group and type in the name of the groups for example teeth whitening, and then you want to post, has anybody seen this product before? I’m debating if I should buy it or not, has anybody got this product, is it worth buying?

Just asking people for honest opinions on the product should they buy it or should they not buy it. And what this will do is it will post this post in that group and then people can obviously click on the page, go on to the page if they like what they see, and then click shop now and buy the product. This is a really powerful way of doing it. This works so well, but it’s about if you do it correctly or not.

Facebook Business page

Go on pages that are related to your niche. For example, if I’m doing iPhone accessories or phone accessories, I might join a page or engage on a page like this

If I’m doing iPhone cases I will comment on these posts or interact with people. But you want to interact with people not from your personal account but from your business page. Don’t want to try and sell anything to them you just want to engage with them, ask them questions, have a laugh with them, build a relationship with them, it’s called “networking”. This is important because if you build up a good network with people and you engage with people, they might check your page because they’re already in your niche. That’s what we call “qualified leads”. They already buy products within that niche. They might buy products on your page by clicking the shop now button.

This method will only work if you build upon real engagement and you’re trying to interact with people not as if you trying to interact with people as a fake.

For this kind of method to work and all the other methods I mentioned, you have to go through the numbers. What I mean by that is don’t just do this to one or two pages, you have to do this like 10, 20, 30, different pages for it to start seeing results and you have to do this every single day for it to start taking what we call the “compound effect”, where eventually it will become interested overtime where you will start to get results over time.

Facebook Marketplace

This method is a little bit more complicated

Let me show you how you can do it

Go to the marketplace and then click where it says, sell something. The marketplace is where you sell things you don’t need anymore

You click the button where it says sell something, for example, if I’m doing an iPhone case or something along those lines, I’m going to put what it’s called. I will put the price, and then for the location, you want to put the biggest city in your country because you can’t do countries, you can only do cities for countries.

If I located in the UK I’m going to put London – United Kingdom, because that’s the biggest place with the biggest population. Then I will change the categories to mobile phones and I’ll put a little bit of a description, and I’ll also put a disclaimer. If you don’t, you might get into trouble because the stuff that’s on the Facebook market are things that people can go out and get straight away, they can go to that person’s house and collect it. But, because you’re dropshipping, you can’t physically give it to them on the same day so what you have to do is put this disclaimer (I don’t have stock in hand, message for the purchase link). What you’re saying is you do have the products available, but for them to buy them, they would have to buy through a link. 

Don’t add photos that look like generic photos from Amazon. Add photos like a proper lifestyle photo so it looks like you actually have had the product in hand before. Lifestyle photos are what I call them. 

For this to also work, you need fast shipping. If you want to have fast shipping on your products then you can read this article best dropshipping suppliers for beginners. This won’t work if you got slow shipping times. Also, read how to dropship products using a u.s supplier


That’s all the organic methods you can use to drive quick easy sales to your store. They’re not all the methods that are organic and can drive sales to your business for free, they are the ones that I use, and this is going to be an article series where I’ll be making part 2, part 3, part 4, depending on how many articles it takes me to give you all the methods to generate free traffic to your store. But these are the ones that going to give you the results the quickest. If you are persistent with these, you will get results. Goodluck

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